IBM MAXIMO Solutions for Port and Airport

For seaport, the firms need managing corrective, preventive and small project maintenance activities, managing landside & seaside assets, bridging the gap between maintenance & operation, linking critical assets to services and processes, maintaining a high uptime for critical assets, warranty & lease management, increased security.

For airport, the firms target to trends to increased use of mobile technologies, leveraging wifi and cellular coverage, leveraging Graphical Information System (GIS) to support airport maintenance, managing Ground support Equipment, service management, asset consolidation of facilities, fleet and IT equipment, asset convergence, integration to air bridge BMS, baggage handling system.

The Benefit: A solution that can adapt to your organization 

  • Engineering Technicians are able to diagnose problems more effectively and take preventative measures to help prevent breakdowns.
  • The company is performing 10 % more preventative maintenance with 10% fewer actual breakdowns.
  • Workflow-based process management helps enable tighter control of maintenance scheduling and costs.
  • Full traceability and advanced reporting functions help simplify regulatory compliance
  • Better real-time cost reporting
  • Electronic work management system providing effective labor cost tracking and analysis
  • Budget analysis for parts
  • Availability of critical data for KPI measurement & analysis
  • Integrated finance, inventory and procurement system, with real time Purchase Requisition, RFQ and PO tracking
  • Reduced operational expenditures
  • Improved asset efficiency and uptime
  • Improved safety management
  • Increased customer service levels

The financial advantage:

  • Improve the performance of your fleet
  • Reduce fleet costs
  • Easy access to operational data needed to make good decisions
  • Will extend and complement other Maximo installation within the business

The IT Administrators advantage:

  • Comprehensive set of modules for the various user communities
  • Easy to customize to meet the needs of the business
  • Well defined & proven ways to integrate with ERP, finance, fuel management, telemetric & other system important to running a fleet
  • Will work seamlessly with any other Maximo installation used across the enterprise