IBM Maximo Solutions for Manufacturing

IBM Enterprise Asset Management system has gone a long way to provide a productive solution to meet all the requirements of manufacturing companies

  • Detailed asset registry, combined with detailed parts and support descriptions
  • Long – term maintenance, project and work schedules
  • Supply chain capability for indirect goods, with demand planning linked to maintenance and repair schedules
  • Probability-based, “just in case, “ rather than “just in vigrx plus works time,” inventory and procurement
  • Support for manufacturer logistic processes for equipment under warranty
  • Human capital management capabilities to match skills, training and availability with work requirements
  • Statistical analysis of equipment performance and reliability
  • Remote electronic monitoring of asset heath and performance
  • Serial number tracking and tracing for equipment and parts
  • Financial support via detailed cost analysis
  • Integration with whichever financial and HR packages are deployed
  • Extensive warranty tracking to component levels
  • Shutdown project planning
  • For certain industries, such  as aerospace and defense, integration with product life cycle management to support MRO activities for products with extremely long lives